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The death of a loved one under sudden and tragic circumstances is a heart-wrenching moment for even the strongest family. 

We have counseled, advised and, most-importantly, consoled, numerous families struggling with the wrongful death of a family member. We are extraordinarily sensitive to the grieving process and how this can affect a family. We do our best to assist you with the immediate concerns of preserving evidence and navigating the legal process, without causing additional stress. 

The focus of our legal practice is those seriously injured. With that has come the privilege of representing several families, who have suffered the sudden death of a loved one. These types of cases require an extensive financial commitment that we provide to our clients without any initial charge. 

Wrongful death cases require the involvement of probate attorneys, investigators, forensic medical examiners, collision reconstructionists, economists, and other experts. Our network of professionals is large and ready to assist you in the immediate aftermath, as well as over time. Our team of wrongful death attorneys will invest in finding out the cause of death and those responsible. This allows you to focus your time and energy on the grieving process. 

The issues of evidence and how the claim is handled in the immediacy is so important to the claim. We strongly recommend that you call 860-219-0779 to contact our Connecticut office if you have lost a loved one for a free case consultation.

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