Personal Injury

You are injured. Bills are piling up. Insurance companies are delaying payment or harassing you with phone calls. At Pavano Dombrowski we understand. 

Pavano Dombrowski is a personal injury law firm dedicated to one thing: Your Satisfaction.

We help the seriously injured recover physically and financially from the harm they have suffered due to someone else’s poor decisions. We do not represent people who make fake claims or have fake injuries. 

When someone is texting while driving, speeding, not paying attention, or allows for a dangerous condition to exist, they are responsible for the injuries that follow. We help the seriously injured recover money when they are harmed by the careless or intentional actions of others. 

Medical treatment and the prolonged therapy needed to recover can come at a great expense. Medications and medical care come at astronomical costs. Your injuries may also burden you financially through lost wages due to missed time at work. A serious injury can also render you incapable of working altogether. Our firm of skilled and knowledgeable attorney can secure for you the compensation you need to live a full and happy life in spite of your injuries.

It is essential that you hire a knowledgeable attorney to help ensure all your needs, present and future, are addressed in your claim. We help you to find the best doctors and medical providers available. We make sure that the investigation of this claim is complete. We follow through with hard-nosed litigation tactics to make sure no stone is unturned. 

Once you have completed your medical treatment and your doctors have provided us with information regarding your recovery, we will meet with you to discuss how you are doing and issues you are still having.  We will send a written demand package to the insurance company, and discuss your case with the adjuster assigned to your case.  We will provide the insurance company the following information:

  • The Police report
  • Witness statements
  • Scene photographs
  • Expert accident reconstruction reports (if necessary)
  • Vehicle photographs and damage estimates
  • Lost wage/work records;
  • A chronology of your medical records, reports and bills
  • Information regarding your recovery and current medical status
  • Narrative information regarding how the accident and injuries are affecting your everyday activities and ability to work.
Based on this information the insurance company will likely make an initial offer. It is our obligation to communicate to you any reasonable offer. It is your decision whether to accept this offer.  In most cases, our clients ask us if we think the offer is reasonable. We will give you an honest answer to this question. To get a reasonable settlement offer for your accident, we often have to file a lawsuit in the Superior Court.

Most cases filed in court settle prior to trial. It is during this phase of your case that the groundwork we completed early on (i.e. investigation photographs, etc.) pays off. Our lawyers have years of courtroom and civil trial experience.

Preparing you and your case for settlement and, if necessary, trial is all we do.  Our philosophy is to prepare every case for trial. Our lawyers practice in the courts of this State every day – unlike many of the Attorneys who advertise on television.  The insurance companies and their lawyers know and respect us, which also aides in the settlement of your case.

Although we maintain a good relationship with defense or insurance lawyers, we believe in conscientious but aggressive representation.


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