Car Collisions


You are probably reading this now because you were an automobile collision.  You may be asking yourself:

How do I get my vehicle fixed?  Who pays for it?
How am I going to get to and from work or school?  Am I entitled to a rental vehicle?

We will take care of all aspects of the claim process, starting with helping you get your car repaired (or get you fairly reimbursed if it is totaled) and getting you a rental vehicle.

What about my medical treatment and bills?  What type of doctor should I see, and pays for it?  What if I don’t have medical or health insurance?

We will help you navigate through the medical process, from getting your bills paid to making sure you have access to the best possible medical care for your injuries

Should I speak to the other driver’s insurance company?  The adjuster wants me to give them a statement-should I?  Should I trust them to look out for my interests?  Do I need an attorney?

The other driver’s insurance company is not on your side.  After an accident, you should seek the advice of an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to conduct a full investigation of the accident, including obtaining photographs and statements from witnesses. The information obtained immediately after your accident will be invaluable to your claim. Witnesses are often difficult to find as time goes on. Also, insurance companies often dispute what appear to be clear cut accidents or injuries.  

If you have been in an automobile collision, call us we can help you.

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