History of the Firm

Pavano Dombrowski is a well-regarded and statewide law firm representing injured people throughout Connecticut. Attorney John Pavano and Attorney Robert Dombrowski started this firm with a focus on clients and helping them through horrible injuries and life circumstances. 

Before starting Pavano Dombrowski, Attorneys Pavano and Dombrowski worked with Attorney Jan van der Werff, at Pavano & van der Werff, LLC. Attorney van der Werff was a legendary workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney. His help for union members and generosity in the community was unmatched. Attorney van der Werff passed away in 2013. 

Attorneys Richard Endrelunas, Daniel Bishop and Josh Bochman work at the firm as attorneys, focusing on litigation and trial work. 

Pavano Dombrowski has now expanded statewide, with offices in Windsor, Plainville and Berlin, so as to better help their clients. Pavano Dombrowski continues to be a client-focussed, aggressive law firm.

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